CV Andries Baart (English)

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Quick introduction:

Prof. dr. A.J. (Andries) Baart (b. 1952) studied social sciences in Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam, MSc 1977), specialised in the field of practical theology (KTH Utrecht [Catholic Theological University, Utrecht] and KU Nijmegen [Catholic University, Nijmegen], M.A. 1977), and was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Ph.D. 1986).

He was managing director in faith-based social activation in Gelderland from 1977-1987, and on the staff (scientific research and development) of the national office of Actioma from 1987-2007. Since 2004 he has been working with and for the Stichting Presentie [the Presence Foundation].

He has also held the following Professorial Chairs (Professorships by special appointment):

  • in Practical Theology at the Catholic Theological University of Utrecht from 1991-2006 (inaugural lecture Het arrangement van de tragiek [The arrangement of the tragic], January 1993);
  • in Presentie en Zorg [Presence and Care] in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Tilburg from 2007-2012 (inaugural lecture with Frans Vosman Aannemelijke zorg [Credible care], October 2008); and
  • in the same subject (Presentie en Zorg) at the University of the Humanities, Utrecht, from 2012-2015 (delivered the university’s anniversary address: Van bewegen naar bewogenheid [From moving to being moved], 2012).
  • in Intergenerational care, as Extraordinary Professor, Optentia Research Focus Area, North-West University, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa (2015- ); inaugural address March 2016, Caring for vulnerable people in late modern society: towards the next phase of Ubuntu)
  • in Presence and Care, as Visiting Professor: Department Psychiatry, UMC – University Medical Center Utrecht .

He is the father/creator of the theory of presence. He undertakes intensive field, theoretical and foundational research in the broad area of care, wellbeing and service provision, and of spiritual care, in particular of the socially vulnerable, and in connection with the ethics of care.

  • From 2004-2006 he was visiting expert attached to the international research project on Care and the lack of care for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS of Prof. Julian Müller at the University of Pretoria.
  • He was editor-in-chief of the Journal of Social Intervention from 1994-2009.
  • He has been core lecturer on the Master’s programme in Sociale Interventie [Social Intervention] of LESI [National Expertise Center Social Interventions] since 2004.
  • He has been a member of the international research programme on Care and Contested Coherence since 2007
  • He has supervised the following doctoral candidates:


1. Elly Beurskens (1992)
2. Joris Vercammen (1997)
3. Frits Vermeulen (1998)
4. Jeanne Roorda (2001)
5. Tim Schilling (2002)
6. Mariet Paes (2008)
7. Albert Jan Stam (2008)
8. Madeleine Timmermann (2009)
9. Jean Pierre Wilken (2010)
10. Mohamed Ajouaou (2010)
11. Sabrina Keinemans (2011)
12. Henk Meeuws (2011)
13. Guus Timmerman (2011)
14. Klaartje Klaver (2016)
15. Michel Kolen (2017)
16. Petra Schaftenaar (2018)
17. Eric van Elst (forthcoming 2019)

Five other PhD-candidates are supervised now (2019)

Supervision of ongoing research: 6p

  • He presents seminars in the theory of presence, the ethics of care and (less frequently) in practical theology, qualitative research, social intervention, change and management.
  • He has supervised about 97 M.A. theses.
  • He is much in demand as a speaker at scientific and professional conferences.
  • International contacts, grants, guest lectures, distinctions, awards, and lectures have not been listed separately here.
  • He is the author of ca. 30 books.