Andries Baart

Andries Baart is a professor of Presence and Care at the Department of Cultural Studies, Tilburg University. He is the founder of the so-called theory of presence and the (practice orientated) presence-approach. He is also the impelling force behind the Presence Foundation, a platform for research and practice innovation in professional health care and welfare. Some of his key publications are: Een theorie van de presentie (2001) [A Theory of Presence]; together with Frans Vosman Present (2003) [Present]; Aandacht (2005) [Attentiveness]; Kwetsbaar maar niet alleen kwetsbaar (2007) [Vulnerable, but more than just vulnerable]; together with Mieke Grypdonck Verpleegkunde en presentie (2008) [Nursing and Presence]; together with Frans Vosman Aannemelijke zorg (2008) [Plausible Care] and together with Frank Willeme Van tellen naar vertellen, en terug (2010) [From counting to giving an account, and back]. Contact: abaart [at] presentie [dot] nl

For the most recent information on the Presence Foudation, please visit it’s website.